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Name: dani
Age... 15
Birthday... march 21, 1989
Sexual Preference... i like guys
Location... philly
Pets... none =[

My favorite food is... cheese...
My favorite drink is... water
My favorite article of clothing is... my black over shirt
My favorite person is... my bestest friend melissa
My favorite thing to do is... play hackey sack
My favorite type of animal is... kittens

My top five bands are...
- blink 182
- from autumn to ashes
- taking back sunday
- greed day
- Matchbook romance

My top five movies are...
- jay and silent bob strike back
- finding nemo
- princess bride
- dude wheres my car?
- urben legends

My top five books are...
- sloppy firsts
- second helpings
- ginger bread
- cut
- Sixteen

My top three TV shows are...
- Charmed
- South Park
- Dora the Explorer

My favorite Disney movie is... finding nemo
My favorite animated cartoon is... tigger
My favorite comedy is... jay and silent bob

Here's What I Think...
On Individuality... everyone should be there own person it would be so boring if everyone were the same
On being straightedge... more people should be sXe its the way of life.
On Abortion... your body. your decission.
On Homosexuality... who cared as long as they love each other.

List ten random factoids about yourself.
-i'm a loner but i am one of the most popular freshman (dated the well known junior)
- I have one good friend
- I am more like a guy than anything
- I cry to much
- it takes me no loner than 20 minutes to get ready in the morning.
- i am an only child
- i never had a pet.
- i day dream to much
- i am very lazy
- my name is a guys name

Try to show us 1-3 pics but if you don't have them...you must be really cool. :)

im the one in the red.
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